Hey Girl!

I am Victoria Griffith and I wanted to share my excitement about this forum for women and to also let you know a little bit about myself so that you realize that I understand where you are coming from.

I am one of you. As a domestic violence survivor, I went through the mental and physical challenges that each of us go through and my struggle took me to the dark places. As a teenager, I felt that sense of disconnect and doubt but my journey led me to the other side where I was able to overcome and heal. My goal is to let you know that there is hope and through patience and focus, you can believe in yourself, let go of self-doubt and take charge of your life again.

Working together, I will take your hand and walk you through the process of releasing the fears and insecurities and begin the discovery of awakening your confidence and passion again. I believe that you deserve to be empowered and I can show you the path that can take you there.

I will not let you down in your faith and trust in me. I am a mother, transformational life skills strategist, author, consultant, inspirational speaker, survivor of domestic violence, school governor and founder and CEO of Spectacular Woman.

My personal road has led me to that sense of well-being and I have found my purpose. Working with women within these realms, I have seen wonderful things happen. Many have escaped the barriers to become the incredible individuals that they were meant to be, achieving their dreams, moving forward with promotions, careers and love.

I created Spectacular Woman as a combination safe place, with carefully crafted inspirational and empowering networks and programs. Our shared experiences have given me the chance to see that many have limited beliefs and lack self-worth and confidence. My mission is to unlock as well as unblock these limitations so that you become energized in your life and take the action steps that will give you the ability to fulfill your complete potential.

As a result of the many relationships and successes, I established the Spectacular Woman Club. This is a shared place where everyone feels safe, secure, and supported as they make their personal journeys. Our club amplifies, transforms and equips each woman so that they feel empowered to make the changes they want in their lives to achieve their ultimate goals for every life aspect.

I have devoted many years working as a lecturer of Social Policy in the secondary school and further education system areas. Having spent thirteen years in the Criminal Justice System, including the Youth Offending Team, I have a unique perspective as well as compassion. I was privileged to work with the Women’s Victim Support Unit, working closely with women who were victims of domestic violence. In my local community, I organized conferences on domestic violence and also facilitated parenting support for parents with challenging teenagers. This background allowed me to develop and deliver the Live Wise TeenDV SRE Preventative Program for Teenagers on the topic of healthy relationships in secondary schools and within my local community.

Take my hand and join me so that you can once again, be the person that you have inside.


Elevate The Power Within


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