Building Self-reliance

What sort of person are you? Are you someone who listens to what other people say you should do, or are you someone who is strong enough to make your own decision regardless of what people may think of you?

Truth be told, being Self-reliant is something you can develop, which will enable you to grow in strength, have self-control and establish real power. This will enable you to become charismatic, full of energy with an unstoppable approach to achieving what you want. You will be able to find solution to any problem or challenge you are faced with because you have learnt to look inside of you. Once developed you will grow in confidence and become so attractive to others. You will stand out from the rest because you believe in your ability to make your own decision regardless of which say’s what. To understand one’s self is to get to know ones-self better and when you do this you abandon seeking approval from other people, by trying to win them over; You ultimately avoid trying to impress others or in terms of craving their attention. This only make you dependant on other people and can only lead to you being controlled by other people’s moods or their choices. The result will be loss of power.

On the other hand, real power comes from you becoming self-reliant. Free to speak your mindand a strong internal power that enables you to live and create the life you truly deserve, as well as, stand out from the rest. Your self-approval will allow you to go through life without disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty about yourself, your life and your ability to achieve. If you think of the likes, of Emily Pankhurst, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Tina Turner, Wendy William and Margaret Thatcher, all these women ooze self-approval, self-reliance and personal power. These women were and are absolute spectacular.

They have all demonstrated the ability to be courageous, determined, and fearless and to take action. These qualities encompass being direct, straightforward with the highest degree of integrity. These women have earned their strips, so why shouldn’t they wear it with honour.

I urge you to ask yourself these questions. Take a pen and paper to answer these questions

  1. How long has it been since I made a major decision, using my own judgement?
  2. Why do I rely on other people approval of what I say and do?
  3. Do I like, respect and approve of myself?
  4. Do I show faith in myself?
  5. When was the last time I stepped out of my comfort zone and took a risk and demonstrated a strong sense of faith and belief in myself?
  6. What would my life look like if I didn’t always look for approval from others, if I respected myself and backed myself 100 percent?

7 tips to help you build self-reliance

  1. Becoming your own best friend, root for yourself in everything you do. Be kind, loyal and respectful of one’s self.
  2. Think more and talk less. Don’t waste time trying to impress or convince others about you or the things you want to do. Accept and appreciate yourself fully because all your power is within you.
  3. Discipline yourself to keep your own counsel. Choose who you discuss your life, your goal and aspiration with, asit’s your life and it’s precious and personal to you. Live with dignity and by all means don’t give up your power.
  4. Follow your own mind and not others. Stay out of the disaster zone by always seeking approval from others. You can seek advice but make sure the final decision is yours, which is based on your own beliefs, values and philosophy. Take responsibility for solving your own problems, Talk to yourself, compose yourself and learn to lean on your own power, which will help to improve your self-reliance.
  5. Vote for yourself. Approve of yourself and avoid self-destroying criticisms of yourself, in which you present yourself as needy or worthless, can’t do anything right, need people to help you make your decisions. Don’t turn yourself into a weak powerless person by constantly looking at your flaws and examining your failures.
  6. Be gusty and ballsy. Whatever you do don’t sit on the fence. Become dynamic by speaking up, stand up for yourself. Stand up and be strong. Don’t shut up and put up.
  7. Be bold, be brilliant and be SPECTACULAR