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Spectacular Woman Gala 2018 UK
Break the Silence Domestic Violence Event 2018 UK
International Woman Day 2018 Lambeth College Empowering You UK
International Conference and Seminar in the Caribbean 2018
Spectacular Woman Mastermind Breakfast Nigeria 2018

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An incredible event brought together the many women that recognized a need for change in their lives. We all need support from inspirational women to amplify the authentic self, because the path to success requires work, courage, and developing from inner reflection and dialogue.

The event networked women to a single platform to offer open discussion on the many ways that we find ourselves trapped, have self-sabotaging behavior and feel like we lack the control to change. A shared sense of frustration quickly transitioned into a state of empowerment, giving women the ability to:

  • Move away from toxic relationships
  • Change careers
  • Become more assertive
  • Develop stronger self-belief and
  • Overcome Limiting beliefs
  • Fire on all cylinders in their career, business and personal lives.
  • Overcome adversity and limiting belief to achieve the ultimate.
  • Feel courageous and limitless

Speakers shared their personal insights and stories outlining their own battles to stay confident and self-motivated in a world fraught with challenges, stress and struggles. The evening was filled with, joy, hope and a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment of how they managed to step into their greatness and succeed.


We celebrate and honor all mothers on Mother’s Day at the spectacular woman gala
The Spectacular Mother ‘Impact Award’ recognizes those outstanding women whose positive influence, talents and community service has made a significant impact on the lives of children and or families.


Our mission for this event meets two dire needs:

We want to raise more awareness of the challenges that women face when they eventually speak out and break their silence and how this could affect their, health, income, career/business, relationships and even marriage.
More than that, our aim is to offer emotional support and to Educate, Encourage and Empower women and girls to break their silence and seek help. During this event, we will provide an open forum and a safe, comfortable setting. Here participants can freely ask questions about some of the challenges they face and feel genuine acceptance and support from others who have been through the same thing. Perhaps sharing might be the first step toward healing and rebuilding your life. This event was to raise awareness about the devastating effects of domestic violence, with an attempt to encourage others to speak out and break the silence.

It can happen to anyone. Domestic Violence is REAL!

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