Spectacular Woman

Saturday 29th April 2017

Spectacular Woman Event Cost is £35 :

Too many of us pour endless energy into satisfying our hunger for approval, love, and success. We seek validation from everyone around us, until one day we wake up and realize… we’re no longer in control of our lives! If you feel that you would like to:

  • move away from toxic relationships
  • Change careers
  • Become more assertive
  • Develop stronger self-belief and
  • Overcome Limiting beliefs

Then why not come along to ‘Spectacular Woman Networking Event’ where you’ll be filled with a series of empowerment, inspirational and motivational talks from leading women who are.

  • Fire on all cylinders in their career, business and personal lives.
  • Overcome adversity and limiting belief to achieve the ultimate.
  • Who are courageous and limitless

The Spectacular Woman event will help you get back behind the wheel of life and tap into your true purpose. It’s time to finally understand who you are, and who you want to.

Our speakers will share their personal insights and stories outlining their own battles to stay confident and self-motivated in a world fraught with challenges, stress and struggles. The evening will be filled with, Joy, hope and a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment of how they managed to step into their greatness and succeed.

Attendees will leave with proven tips, tools and techniques on how to unleash greater self-confidence, become assertive and learn how to “Love thy-self”.

The Spectacular Woman event is aimed at women keen to make a difference in their life And in the lives of others through stepping up to achieve your greatness, realize your potential and to feel confidence and uplifted during their life journey.

What’s In it For You?

Attendee will benefit by being part of a network of like minded women who are looking to take giant leaps in their personal, professional and business life. Such as;

  1. Stepping up for promotions
  2. Building fulfilling relationships
  3. Taking that leap of faith to start their own business

We all need support from inspirational women to amplify the authentic self, because the path to success requires work, courage, and developing from inner reflection and dialogue. Being part of the Spectacular Woman Event will enable you to grow in confidence and encourage you to step up and step out and become the driving force in your lives.


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