I had the pleasure of meeting Victoria nearly three years ago at her Spectacular women’s event in Russell Sq. and I can honestly say it introduced me to a journey of personal development like no other. It was a very challenging time in my life and I had been able to turn that pain into a new business. Attending this event gave clarity to so many things I was experiencing emotionally and spiritually. I’m really thankful for Victoria’s vision and support.”

Sharleen Focused Cobourne

Founder & CEO First Fruit

The Coaching sessions with Victoria allowed me to identify area I felt stuck. These were the things that did not allow me to move forward in my life, my career and as a mother. Victoria’s 6 modules really helped me to analyse and challenge myself, I knew it was now or never and it is definitely the best investment I have made in myself for the first time actuallyAlso, as a result of my life changing the experience I got a promotion at work, a salary raise and I am managing people now, as a Business Development Manager

Carla Salas-Paniagua

The Spectacular Woman event was an exceptional and life changing experience, which really inspired me to step outside my comfort zone and pursue my goals and dreams. Also extremely motivating and uplifting, an unforgettable opportunity, whereby I discovered my inner potential and am now able to step out with confidence and challenge myself to the maximum. Overall, a very inspiring and empowering event.”

Florence Henry

Make-up Artist

Victoria is a true inspiration.
Attending the Spectacular Woman event was a turning point in my life and I thank Victoria very much as I now lead a positive and remarkable life. Thank you very much for being an inspiration and for your encouraging words. I carry them with me always. Gratitude!”


I attended the Spectacular Woman event in 2015 where I met Victoria Griffith. Through her WorkShehas enabled me to make progress towards my dream of being a public speaker. This event provided me with the necessary steps to “Take Action” In my life. I was so touched by the inspired speakers, who empowered me with their speeches and enthusiasm; I took action immediately by looking at way to start improving my public speaking ability.
As a result, I also joined the Professional Speaking Association and as a member I was given a platform to hone my speaking skills.
I would like to thank Victoria, CEO, of Spectacular Women for hosting this event which I know has had a significant impact on my life and my journey as a speaker.
Thank you Victoria

Flavia Gordon

Story Teller & Inspiring Speaker
Elevate The Power Within


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