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As a Transformational Life Skills Strategist, Consultant, Author, Speaker and Founder & Director of Spectacular Woman, Victoria Griffith works with women and girls under the banner of Spectacular Woman support them to master the mind to overcome and heal, so they can amplify their lives to unlock the greatness which lies within.

Victoria encourages women and girls to focus on their aspirations and dreams so that they can be enabled to develop their personal “Unshakeable Factor.”

Using a road map of inspirational and empowerment networking events, women and girls can break apart the blocks that have kept them from achieving and move their lives forward to be the people that they want to be.

My programs include Six Steps toHealing Your Heart,Ignite Yourself Confidence program, Live-Wise Teen-Dating Violence Preventative Program and One to OneTransformational Coaching Blue-Print.

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You have the power to step out of the box you are stuck in and move toward your real potential. You can step away from your past and move beyond your limitations!

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Unshakeable You!

AVAILABLE NOW! My book Unshakeable You!


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