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Break the Silence Domestic Violence

October 28th.



Victoria is an Empowerment Specialist, trained in Advanced Coaching and Mentoring in across Organisational Context in order to deliver coach

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This is a unique chance to meet and grow alongside powerful women, who understand and share your strong desire for a deeply fulfilling, life, from limitations.

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We all have talents, strengths and dreams. These make us unique from everyone else, but sometimes our past disasters make us hesitant to step out and embrace.

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Victoria Griffith

The spectacular woman networking platform is focused on supporting women who are serious about Mastering the Mind to Overcome and Heal from Domestic Violence. Through Spectacular woman we encourage all women to focus on their dreams and aspirations, which will enable them to develop the UNSHAKEABLE factor.

The Spectacular Woman Network provides a platform for leadership, inspiration and empowerment, influencing other women to take giant leaps in their personal or professional lives.

Spectacular Woman forces you to give yourself permission to uncover who you really are. (Your true authentic self) It’s not about playing small or settling for less, but encouraging women to step away from the limitations that hold them back. We encourage women to discover who they really want to become in order to transform, reconnect to mind, body and soul and create the life they truly deserve.

We provide a range of dynamic programs and events which aim to enable women to tap into their inner power to help unleash unshakeable confidence and increase their self-esteem. Our events are aimed at women who want to Overcome and Heal from Domestic Violence and who are keen to make a difference in their life and in the lives of others through stepping up to achieve their greatness; realise their potential and to feel confident and uplifted during their journey.

“It’s time to-come-as-you-are, say-what-you-feel and stand strong in your unshakeable truth”


You have the power to step out of the box you are stuck in and move toward your real potential. You can step away from your past and move beyond your limitations!

This e-Book will show you how!

Unshakeable You!

AVAILABLE NOW! My book Unshakeable You!