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I have created the Spectacular Woman Club as a single location. A place to just be yourself, as though you are calling or meeting your sisters to lime. Where everyone can gather, share, laugh and cry. You can let go of the insecurities, as all that are here have the same feelings and emotions and a desire to move beyond what has held them back.

Here you can relax, knowing that the barriers have been removed of thinking that no one understood what you have gone through. Becoming part of our group, you will quickly realize that you are not alone and that in sharing, each person helps the other towards taking the next steps of feeling self-assured and empowered.

The goal is to have a platform that involves the many twists and turns that are needed to have a healthy life approach as we support, empower and amplify your inner strength to equip you with the tools that you need. This club is made up women who want to change something in their lives, careers, business and personal relationships and is purposefully driven as a base to help each other to achieve.

I wanted it to be a safe space for the girl next door to come and be in a form of sisterhood environment.

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