Strategies to Help Women Shift The Mindset from limiting Beliefs to Taking Giant leaps of faith

Most women who suffer unending misery are in fact prisoners of their own choices. They are trapped in the vicious cycle of self-abasing thought process. This situation only helps lower their self-esteem and self-confidence, and reduces the chances of setting themselves free ever. They come to believe in their defeatist thinking so strongly that they cannot imagine a world outside these. They play out some kind of self-fulfilling prophesy in which their actions fit into their thought process snugly. They act to justify their thoughts.

Their world view is twisted and far from the reality without their knowing it. In this kind of a situation only a huge jolt may free them from their prison cells and that big jolt must come with a giant leap of faith. Once they come out, they will find how different the real world outside their prison is.

A leap of faith is the act of believing in or accepting something intangible or improvable, or without empirical evidence, and we know it is difficult to take the leap. But women who have come out of the depths of their suffering have all done so by taking this giant leap, because it is liberating.

The most important step to shift the mind-set from limiting thoughts is to stay focussed in the present moment. We know that the limiting thoughts are cognitive failures, outcomes of our distorted thought. They are formed due to our anxieties born of past memories and worries about future. Both the past and the future have no relevance as much as the present has. By staying focussed to this very moment, we focus on solving our problems positively. We derive power from the present and set aside damaging thoughts. By not attending to our negative thought we banish them.

After thought awareness we can aim for thought replacement. The negative thoughts should be replaced with mental images of agreeable situations or people. We may keep focussed on the people whom we look up as models. We may remind ourselves about some of their pleasant memories or talk or speeches. It has been proven that by bombarding pleasant thoughts in our minds the thought process can be influenced and altered.

From thought the logical progression is to action. By focussing our minds on the successes and positive aspects from our past or from the lives of people we trust in, we may be able to develop a sense of self and determination. Once negative thoughts are purged it becomes easy to take action to live our own life. A moment’s realisation of our own hidden potential may provide the spur for the giant leap of faith. We may learn to control our reality and work our way to change it to our favour.

Many women have taken the giant leap of faith and shown that it is possible to change our own lives. Once taken there is no looking back. It may be difficult but it is not impossible.